MSV Celebrates Black History Month

Connecting Communities | March 2022

Children at both Centers in the Early Childhood Program at MSV learned about many achievers and dreamers this Black History Month. Our teachers and staff led several fun projects and activities to make the connection between these amazing figures from history to their own lives and dreams. Take a look at some of the highlights below!

  • Made their own colorful traffic lights in honor of Garrett Morgan.
  • Constructed old-fashioned “telephones” in honor of Lewis Howard Latimer.
  • Dressed up as doctors, athletes, firefighters, singers and other workers in honor of all who serve in those roles.
  • Transformed a play area into a hair salon, in honor of Madame C.J. Walker.
  • Shared poems by Black poets and prepared to recite them.
  • Constructed rocket ships and navigated around a “space station,” in honor of Mae Jemison.
  • Created red, green, and yellow hats, murals, and papier-mache art.
  • Made paper-plate clocks in honor of Benjamin Banneker.
  • Created potato chip bags in honor of George (Crum) Speck.
  • Decorated buses in honor of Rosa Parks.
  • Dreamed about their futures in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are grateful for all the teachers and staff who help inspire our children every day!


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