Computer Lab Client Lands Job

Holly Yacoumakis is the Digital Literacy Coordinator for Marillac St. Vincent's Community Outreach Services program. She's seen here working with a Youth Services program particpant on a web search.

Prior to engaging with Marillac’s Computer Lab, Robin had a part-time job with unreliable hours. As a single parent supporting her pre-teen daughter, she was living with relatives because she couldn't afford housing on her own. She wished she could start a career that would provide income to both support her daughter and make her proud.

When Robin started coming to the Computer Lab in September 2017, Digital Literacy Coordinator Holly Yacoumakis taught her how to use Microsoft Word to redesign her resume and correct spelling and formatting errors. Holly and Robin discussed the types of jobs she may want to apply for, her work history, and her family life. Robin used her Computer Lab time for job searches. She would tell Holly about the new computer skills she was learning. For example, Robin learned how to create folders and use keyboard shortcuts.

In October 2017, Robin was hired as a manager at Sears, thanks in part to her more professional resume. In December 2017, Robin advanced to an even better job at a store inside O'Hare International Airport. This job gives her excellent benefits and regular hours. Now, Robin is excited to find a new home for her and her daughter. Robin is also planning to come back to the Computer Lab to continue learning and taking more classes as her schedule allows.

Interested in learning more? Email to get information about volunteer opportunities with our Computer Lab.

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