Our Gratitude to the Foglia Family Foundation


Connecting Communities | December 2022 

The Foglia Family Foundation has generously granted a significant gift to Marillac St. Vincent Family Services (MSV). Their gift will help MSV address the achievement opportunity gap with resources that will allow us to be innovative and competitive amid the national teacher shortage. As one of the largest, community-based organizations providing affordable childcare for Chicagoans, the national teacher shortage has significantly impacted MSV’s ability to meet demand for these services. Much of the demand comes from working families and one-parent households who are on limited budgets and rely on dependable early childhood education and care so they can work, often multiple jobs, or attend school to get ahead in life. With the current inflation, families are feeling stretched and when multiple family members need to work to make ends meet, that can only happen when good education and care is available to provide a safe environment for children to learn and play. 

With this investment, MSV will focus resources on teacher retention for its high-quality Early Childhood Education and School-Age programs. MSV will put resources towards strategically building a teacher pipeline that identifies, prepares, and nurtures the next generation of educators to serve working Chicago families in need of cost effective, best in class education and childcare for their young learners. 

“We are blessed to be among the many organizations supported by the Foundation that are making an impact in Chicago and beyond,” said Peter Beale-DelVecchio, President of Marillac St. Vincent Family Services. 

“We’ve been extremely fortunate in life. We have a wonderful family and have achieved much success in business. This life has given us far more than we ever dreamed, and with it comes a great sense of responsibility to others. Giving allows us to connect with so many people from many different walks of life, but especially those who need help most. We made the decision to share our resources with people who can use them right here, right now. After all, if you can’t take it with you, you’d better give it away,” said Vince Foglia, founder of the Foglia Family Foundation.

The Foglia Family Foundation is one of the largest private grantmaking foundations in the United States. For over 20 years, the Foglia Family Foundation has generously supported the mission and work of MSV contributing significantly to building the new St. Vincent de Paul Center in 2001 serving families from across Chicago at its Lincoln Park location, and the Pat & Vince Foglia Family and Youth Center in 2013 serving the East Garfield Park community. With their giving, the Foglia Family Foundation continues their commitment to establishing a foundation of hope in our community that will last another 100 years. 

Make a gift that changes lives. Together we can empower individuals, strengthen communities, and build brighter futures.

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