The Continuity of Care

The Importance of Continuity of Care

Marillac St. Vincent provides the highest quality care for all clients and we strive to follow models of care and service recommended by experts and backed by research. That is why we employ a “Continuity of Care” model in our infant and toddler classrooms.

Continuity of Care is a model of education and childcare in which an educator follows the child through their learning journey for more than one year. In our classrooms from birth to age three, teachers follow the children through each year of their development in the program, moving up with the children as they grow.

This practice has emerged as a strongly recommended approach to early childhood education. It is endorsed by the National Assocation for the Education of Youth Children (NAEYC), the National Head Start Organization, and Start Early, among others. Continuity of Care deepens relationships between children and educators, which benefits both the student and the teacher. Students create lasting relationships with caring, safe role models at a young age, and the educators can build an understanding of both the child and their family.

Other benefits include increased understanding of child development for teachers, decreased stress for all parties involved, and families’ empowerment.

Our staff comprises trained professionals who support the organization’s goal of providing the highest quality of care to our young students. “You are able to build these beautiful relationships with each of your students and build that up for the next three years. The Care model creates familiarity and stability for our students and parents, which is so important for young children like the ones we serve.”, explained Birth – Three Teacher, Evelyn Zaker. “You truly get to see each student grow physically, emotionally, and socio-emotionally, which is such an amazing thing to be a part of.”

To better ensure that this model functions properly, Marillac St. Vincent also creates safe, nurturing environments for children to develop appropriate ratios of care givers to students and class sizes.

Click here for more information about the benefits and research behind Continuity of Care.

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