Remote Learning and Digital Literacy at Marillac Social Center

Remote Learning and Digital Literacy at Marillac Social Center

Teacher, Maryela's reflections on digital learning

We had a quite a few challenges when we first started remote learning and relying on technology. We had to work through issues with internet at Marillac and plenty of technical challenges.

One of the biggest problems was that our students didn't have the computer skills necessary to be able to navigate through so many new websites. This required a lot of help from myself, and other teachers.

Adjusting to our new routine also took some time. It was very hard for our students to adjust to learning via a computer. It was very difficult for them to sit in front of a computer and focus for 5 hours a day, all while simultaneously learning how to navigate through their google classroom and dealing with new COVID restrictions.

I would say we have overcome our biggest challenges. Marillac upgraded our wifi which has helped a TREMENDOUS amount. After months of practicing, our students are able to fully navigate themselves through remote learning with little-to no help at all.

When it comes to our student's being able focus, I think this is something we work on every day. Some days are great, and others are not so great. We have been able to implement little things here and there that have helped with this, like in-between session breaks, a reward system and alternate comfy seating.

We have also seen some major successes and growth. There was one occasion when a teacher from a different classroom stepped into my room asking for help with one of her student's computers. One of the keys in that student's computer wasn't working and it was preventing him from being able to sign in. I tried helping but was unsuccessful. At that time, one of the younger students in my room jumped up and said he knew how to fix it. He was quickly able to pull up a keyboard on the screen instead of having to use the physical keys on the computer. We were all amazed and very proud of him for being able to help.

Though the many challenges we have faced through remote learning, I think at the end of all of this, our students will come out as stronger learners. Moving forward, I think this new experience will encourage me to step out of my comfort zone when teaching.

MSV understands that in today's world, ending the cycle of poverty means providing access to technology resources and digital literacy education. We work hard to make sure the children and adults we serve have access to these tools. With the help of our generous donors, we were able to increase wifi bandwith at both centers in 2020 to provide remote learning support for ALL of our students.

As part of our ongoing digital literacy education efforts, MSV provides digital literacy classes at Marillac Social Center for adults and seniors. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, these classes are currently on hold, but we hope to start these classes again soon! Stay tuned for future updates.

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