Meet Angela Mason: The New Chief Human Resources Officer at Marillac St. Vincent

Angela Mason

Meet Angela Mason: The New Chief Human Resources Officer at Marillac St. Vincent

Connecting Communities | December 2021

Marillac St. Vincent Family Services (MSV) is pleased to welcome Angela Mason as its new Chief Human Resources Officer. In this role, she will develop and execute HR strategies in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization including organizational effectiveness, people strategies, workforce cultural efficacy and more. 

We sat down for a virtual Q&A session to learn more about her background and enthusiasm for her new role at MSV.

See Angela’s profile in Crain’s Chicago Business here. 



What attracted you to the mission and culture of Marillac St. Vincent?

I am so excited to join this impactful organization and help strengthen their work, I have been connected to the mission and culture for many years. As a DePaul Graduate, I started volunteering with St. Vincent DePaul Center when I was in school. This role connects my passion with my profession – empowering and giving a voice to those in need.

Please tell us a little about your skill set and background and what gets you excited about working with Marillac St. Vincent.

For over 25 years, I have been a Human Resources and DEI practitioner. For me, working in HR is not just about helping the company or organization improve its bottom line and financial resources, but more importantly it’s the actual human resource. I worked as the HR Director for the Chicago Public Schools and have always focused on helping to level the playing field for all employees by providing tools and opportunities to grow their career. The humanistic piece is so important to me. I always tell my staff and colleagues that I am a servant leader and I hope to infuse a way of thinking to uplift the culture. My goal at Marillac St. Vincent is to get people feeling great about where they work and coming into their workspace every day. MSV is a very transparent organization and has a great culture to build on.

As a conscious Human Resources and DE&I professional, what do you hope to bring to Marillac St. Vincent Family Services? How do your view your role within the organization?

I like to think of it as DEIB - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. The Diversity piece starts with measuring the numbers and demographics to make sure Marillac St. Vincent continues to live their values. The EIB is the crucial part. I want the organization to become equitable across the board, helping people feel that they are included within the culture and framework of MSV and that they truly feel they belong.

“One way I like to think of it – you are included when you get asked to the party, but you start to belong once you are asked to dance.”

From a hiring perspective, this is not just about who we hire, it goes deeper - what are their experiences, how do they think, feel, and believe.  It is about helping these new hires feel a sense of belonging right from the start. I believe this begins with the hiring managers. I am excited to implement training that helps them show up authentically as a manager, to ask the right questions during the interview process, and ultimately help to find the right fit for each role. I always stive to build a community based on trust, getting people to feel excited and committed to showing up to work-for themselves and their colleagues.

Imagine 1 year from today, is there an impact or contribution that you would be most proud to have achieved with MSV?

The two things that come to mind are training and a clear organizational structure. 

I want to make sure that everyone who manages people or processes have completed a series of trainings to strengthen their role. This will cover tools and tips for items such as communication, building teams, interviewing, awareness of unconsciousness biases, etc. - all while making MSV a place where everyone is held accountable. 

Then, I really hope to have a clear, well-defined organizational structure where individuals know their roles and expectations. This leads to a better overall work environment, helps to improve efficiency, productivity, and evaluations – all with a focus of creating a healthy and safe place to work.

What is the biggest challenge you imagine with your new role at MSV?

There is a fine balance between intention and impact. The greatest intention can lack long-lasting impact if there is not trust and belief in the process. Any type of change can be difficult for people, my goal will be to help continue to grow and strengthen the overall mission of Marillac St. Vincent.

As you settle into your role, what would you say to someone considering working or volunteering for MSV? 

If you read our mission and it resonates with you, deep down in your heart, then this is a special place to be a part of. 99.9% of the people I have met at MSV have a huge heart along with that Vincentian Spirit to help make lives better. Through education and service programs, they want to help build communities that are functional, vibrant and stand on their own. If you see and feel that in your heart, then I encourage you to get involved at Marillac St. Vincent.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I am excited because I do have heart for the work – even though I am a strategic thinker, every decision will be tied to the mission. This mission is so strongly embedded in the culture, it is repeated at the start of every staff meeting to remind everyone why we are here.


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