The Meaning Behind the MSV Holiday Traditions

The Meaning Behind the MSV Holiday Traditions

Connecting Communities | December 2020

Snowmen hunts. Christmas caroling. Cooking. Fall leaves. The list of MSV’s staff favorite holiday traditions is as diverse as the staff itself, and with half a dozen holidays celebrated this time of year, there is no shortage of ways that we celebrate.

HOLIDAY THROWBACK: Hugs at the the Isiah Thomas Christmas Party.

Kristen, a school age teacher explains, “Decorating the Christmas tree is my all-time favorite holiday tradition.” To Kristen, the holidays mean family, which is why she will spend Christmas cooking with her immediate family and celebrating her loved ones.

While some of these holiday traditions are social distance friendly, other traditions will have to be altered or postponed due to COVID-19. Government Relations Specialist, Pam, loves children’s Christmas concerts, but will be adjusting this year. “There are no Christmas concerts this year so I guess I'll have to listen to Christmas music via Spotify and remember concerts from the past.”

These traditions are an important part of celebrating the deeper meanings of the season, which is why they are especially important this year. Lead Pre-K teacher, Marquita, will be spending her favorite holiday, Christmas, at home with her husband and daughter and says this time of the year means everything to her.

HOLIDAY THROWBACK: Giving out gifts at the Isiah Thomas Christmas Party in 2019

HR Assistant, Stephanie, adores celebrating Kwanzaa, but has prepared for her celebrations to look a little different this year. “Things will be very different than before. I will be celebrating over Zoom.”

There are still so many holiday traditions that are safe to practice this year like Teacher’s Assistant, Janice’s, favorite activities: listening to Christmas music and hanging decorations. She will still be participating in these traditions, celebrating with a quiet moment alone to reflect on her blessings. “This season means the world to me. It's about being alive, sharing and caring with family, friends.”

When we asked staff what this time of year means to them, we got so many beautiful answers.

“Hope. The hopefulness of hearing the Christmas story, the light coming into the world in the midst of darkness. I think this year that hope is so needed.” explains Volunteer Coordinator, Colleen.

“This time of the year means to appreciate all I've been blessed with and appreciate it. It also means to spread love and joy to those around you, tell people you love them. It's not all about giving but spreading love others.” says Marquita, a Birth – Three Teacher.

No matter what the holidays mean to you, there are still ways we can lean into the spirit of the season. This holiday may bring more Zoom calls, but we are also faced with an opportunity to find gratitude for what we do have.

To Outreach Manager, Tramaine, the holidays mean appreciation, gratitude, family, and love. Although the world might have changed since last year, the most important things stay the same.

HOLIDAY THROWBACK: Come get your turkey! Captured at the Christmas Store food distribution in 2019.

The MSV family wishes you happy holidays and we hope that however you choose to celebrate your traditions, that you stay safe, happy, and healthy.

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