A Message From Marillac St. Vincent President and CEO

A Message from Marillac St. Vincent President & CEO


“But let us draw near to this fire to be first of all enkindled ourselves and then, by our charity and good example, to draw others toward it.”

~St. Vincent de Paul, 1646


St. Vincent de Paul was known for his work among the poor, and his life’s testimony is what continues to compel Marillac St. Vincent to sow charity and social justice, even when the situation is most challenging. The Vincentian spirit of service calls us to a mindset that means taking on bold and challenging initiatives. Often, requiring us to address societal ills like poverty and systemic racism head on.

And we do.

As part of the MSV mission, we work alongside our clients creating a partnership that fosters advocacy, support, and encourages them to use their voice—including their vote—to be the change they want to see. For more than 100 years, we have strengthened and empowered our children, youth, families, and seniors, many of whom have their own challenging circumstances, to achieve their highest potential. As an agency, we take joy in offering education and comprehensive programming to assist generations in living their dreams.

Today, regardless of the outcome of the election, we recommit ourselves to St. Vincent’s vision of working among the people and, by our example, drawing them near to the fire of truth and equality. We recommit ourselves to giving a voice to those in need. We recommit ourselves to changing our city, state, and country to care for those who call on us: one child, one family, one senior at a time.

Please join us. Let yourself be enkindled by this fire. Together, we can continue to build stronger, more vibrant communities in Chicago and across the nation.


Kind regards,

Peter Beale-DelVecchio

President & CEO


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