Volunteer Adrian Smith Joins the Digital Literacy Program

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Every day of the week, the Foglia Family & Youth Center Computer Lab is full of students of all ages looking to brush up on their computer skills or learn something new.

Digital Literacy Coordinator Holly Yacoumakis curates free classes and open lab for youth, adults, and seniors in East Garfield Park. Until recently, she was running the Digital Literacy program all on her own.

Volunteer Adrian Smith assists a student in the computer lab.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, Holly is now joined by a dedicated volunteer teacher, Adrian Smith. The two teach classes on things like web basics, email skills, and Windows 10. Smith currently holds an MBA and is working toward a doctoral degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Cognition and Instruction at Grand Canyon University. She is also a caregiver, an online ESL teacher, and spends many hours a week volunteering at MSV. Yacoumakis expressed her great excitement on having Smith in the classroom with her, “She explains difficult concepts, demonstrates tasks, and shows our students patience, kindness, and respect. Adrian is a fantastic addition to our Digital Literacy program.”

Adrian Smith discovered Marillac St. Vincent online while looking for ways to gain teaching experience and give back to her community. Overall, Smith said her experience at MSV has been very positive, and she loves interacting with MSV staff and clients. “I look forward to coming to MSV, volunteering here is the best part of my day,” Smith said.

“The students adore her sense of humor and constant smile," Holly Yacoumakis said of Smith.

Not only does Smith bring her computer knowledge into the classroom, she also brings her bright personality, providing a fun, positive, and patient atmosphere for MSV clients. “The students adore her sense of humor and constant smile. For me, it’s a relief to have such a positive, intelligent force assisting in my classroom,” said Yacoumakis.

Thank you, Adrian Smith, for being such a devoted volunteer in the Digital Literacy program and using your skills to help others learn and grow.

Interested in volunteering with MSV? Email Thom Bowers at volunteers@marillacstvincent.org or visit www.marillacstvincent.org/volunteer.

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