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Robotics Program


Last week, we started our robotics program for 8 kids ranging in ages from 11-14, 4 boys and 4 girls. They are gearing up to take part in First Lego League next fall. Thanks to a few very intelligent and eager volunteers, at their first class, the kids learned about what it means to program, as well as the different components of robotics. Our 7th grade team captain is already talking about how he can’t wait to start building. As a new program that is unfamiliar or completely unknown to most at-risk kids, we are really excited to expose them to the world of robotics over the next year and see where it takes them.

This is just a one event out of hundreds that go on all the time in the Foglia Center. We cannot express how much of an impact the support from our donors has on changing the lives of our children and teens. Every day we hear about so much violence, and we feel lucky that we have so many supporters who care about what happens in our world and want our children and teens to have the opportunities and experiences that will encourage them to grow up to be successful adults.

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