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12th Annual Willie Morris 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament

On May 7th we hosted our 12th Annual 3 on 3 Willie Morris Basketball Tournament. 120 children participated, from 3rd grade through 8th. This gave our kids the opportunity to participate in competitive basketball in a safe environment, where their defenses go down and they are able to just act like kids. This year we had more girls participate than in years past. Our teens and young adults were the refs, who are really great role models to the younger children. We were very pleased that so many of our parents came to cheer on their kids. Kareemah, who is graduating from high school this year, received an award from Willie Morris and his family to use towards her college. She’s heading to Eastern this fall.

This is just one event out of hundreds that go on all the time in the Foglia Center. We cannot express how much of an impact the support from our donors has on changing the lives of our children and teens. Every day we hear about so much violence, and we feel lucky that we have so many supporters who care about what happens in our world and want our children and teens to have the opportunities and experiences that will encourage them to grow up to be successful adults.

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