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Senior Services at St. Vincent de Paul: A Holistic Approach


Bob and Judy C. (91 and 83, respectively) have been clients of St. Vincent de Paul Center for five years, following a break-in and attack at their apartment.

One of our long-term goals has been trying to transition them to a safer, more structured type of housing. Now that Judy’s health problems are causing frequent falling, it is increasingly unsafe for them to remain in their third floor walk-up. Their St. Vincent case manager has taken them to visit several assisted living facilities over the year and a half, but each time one or the other of this couple comes up with reasons they cannot move (too far, too expensive, unfamiliar with the area, etc.).

In early March, the couple finally agreed to an overnight trial stay at an assisted living building in their neighborhood. And now that they have signed a lease and are planning to move in, St. Vincent de Paul Center will be there to assist with the move and transition. This facility will offer Bob and Judy much-needed supports such as meals, outings and activities, in-unit safety measures and social services. This move will enable the couple to remain living in a community of their choice while providing safeguards as needed.

The Senior Services program at St. Vincent de Paul Center collaborates with many area hospitals and home care agencies, and private and public agencies and organizations to ensure that the needs of older adults are appropriately met. Most of our senior clients do not have family or friends to advocate for them, help them solve problems, or ensure that they have adequate medical care and safe, affordable housing that is appropriate for their physical capabilities. That is why it is so important that our program is supported through your generosity, so that we can be there for clients like Bob and Judy.

For more information about our Senior Services Program, contact the Program Director, Kathy Slover


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