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Child Care Assistance Program Families and Providers

Effective November 9, 2015, the following changes are being made to the emergency rules instituted for the Child Care Assistance Program effective July 1, 2015

After nearly 5 months of denying working families access to the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), Governor Bruce Rauner is reversing course on the emergency rules put in place over the summer. This means the Marillac St. Vincent's Child Development and Youth Services Programs will finally be able to process applications and start enrolling new families. For low-income families who are working or going to school in Illinois, this period of instability with the State budget has been very difficult in terms of securing quality child care for their children, with access to CCAP restricted to families earning no more than 50% of the Federal Poverty Line. We are so grateful to resume 'business as usual' and our Admissions staff is ready to take new applications.

If you or a loved one are looking for child care, please fill out a waitlist form HERE, and an Admissions Specialist will contact you.

New eligibility income guidelines are as follows:

Family Size / Gross Monthly Base Income

Qualifying applicants can earn up to 162% of the Federal Poverty Line

2 / $2,151

3 / $2,713

4 / $3,274

5 / $3,836

6 / $4,397

7 / $4,959

8 / $5,521

9 / $6,082

10 / $6,644

Read the full announcement from the Illinois Department of Human Services here.

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