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Rustic Falls Nature Camp

This past weekend, participants from Marillac's Hope Junior program traveled to Burlington, Wisconsin to spend time at the Rustic Falls Nature Camp. As part of the trip, the children enjoyed exploring the wilderness, playing in the water, singing songs around a campfire, and getting to run free in the vast open fields. 

In 2006, Deanna Hallagan, director of Hope Junior, her husband, Eric Lentz, and their  family began renovating a dairy farm into a unique nature camp.  In 2009, under the Frank Lentz Foundation,  the cobblestone farm house was purchased with plans to renovate it into the camp lodge. Over the course of a year, volunteers helped shape the house and the grounds into a welcoming environment for all who visit.

In 2010, the Rustic Falls Nature Camp welcomed its first group of campers. Six boys from Marillac House, spent the night at Rustic Falls. The camp is now a space that can accommodate the needs of a variety of charitable organizations. It is a place for small groups of children to get away from their daily environments and immerse themselves in a beautiful natural setting.

We are thankful to everyone who helped make this weekend excursion possible for our students!
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