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Marillac NAEYC Accreditation

In March, Marillac Social Center successfully completed the process to renew its accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  NAEYC is the world's largest organization advocating for high-quality early childhood education.   In order to secure and maintain this accreditation, Marillac had to demonstrate compliance in ten domains of childhood education.  These include:

1.     Relationships – Positive interactions with other children and adults.

2.     Curriculum Design - Social, emotional, physical, language and cognitive development.

3.     Teaching Methods – Developmentally, culturally and linguistically appropriate approaches.

4.     Assessment of Child Progress – Formal and informal assessment of the child’s progress.

5.     Health – Nutrition and safety from illnesses and injury.

6.     Teacher Qualifications – Education, credentials and professional commitment.

7.     Family Engagement – Communicative and collaborative relationship with parents/caregivers.

8.     Community Relationships – Connect families with resources.

9.     Physical Environment – Healthful and safe indoor and outdoor play areas.

10.  Leadership & Management – Implements effective policies, procedures and systems. 

All institutions accredited through NAEYC are continuously monitored for compliance.  Programs maintain NAEYC-Accredited status for five years and have to undergo a rigorous evaluation process in order to renew their accreditation. 

Marillac received 95% or above in every section. Congratulations to all of the teachers and staff in Marillac's Child Development for their hard work in preparing for the accreditation process, as well as their continued dedication and commitment to our children and their education. This is a testament to the quality of services Marillac's Child Development Program provides on a daily basis.

To learn more about the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) please visitwww.naeyc.org

To learn more about Marillac Social Center's Child Development program CLICK HERE.

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