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New Year Resolutions

Extreme Couponing Leads to Giving Back


Jennifer Davis made a new year’s resolution last year.  She decided to learn extreme couponing.  There are loads of websites dedicated to this practice, and even a reality television show.  Jennifer has taken this resolution and run with it over the past year.  Her shelves are stocked with toiletries, from shampoo to razors to shaving cream.  But she doesn’t just use these toiletries for herself – she is committed to giving the various items to non-profits, one of them being St. Vincent de Paul Center’s homeless outreach program. 


“The commitment was $150 to spend during the month of December, and with that I got around $1,700 worth of toiletries, medicine and toys,” said Jennifer. She is demonstrating an easy and inexpensive way for young people to give back. 


We are grateful for Jennifer’s generosity and all that she does for our clients.  Thanks to her donations, we are able to include toiletries in our food pantry bags as well as hand them out to clients when they come in for visits.  What will your New Year’s resolution be? 


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