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United States Bike Ride

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On September 18th, 2012, Bill and Jeff Kunkel will embark on an epic cross-country bike ride, raising funds for Marillac St. Vincent Family Services along the way. Bill, a long-time supporter of Marillac and St. Vincent’s, recently retired from his law practice. As a celebration, Bill decided to ride his bicycle cross country with his son, Jeff. The pair, starting in California, where they will dip their back tires into the Pacific Ocean, will end their trip approximately 60 days later in Hilton Head, South Carolina, where they will dip their front tires into the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way, the pair will follow the Adventure Cycling Association's Southern Tier route and then they will ride back up to their house in Hilton Head, known as Somewhere Out of The Country, hence the title for their ride and blog, Ride to Somewhere Out of the Country.

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As part of their fundraising efforts, Bill and Jeff will document their travels on a blog, as well as the websites for both Centers. In addition, classrooms at Marillac and St. Vincent’s will track their progress on large maps. Teachers are incorporating the trek into their classroom curriculums, including lessons on local geography, food and music, as well as art projects and computer instruction. In conjunction with the trip, the children will create a Flat Stanley to accompany Bill and Jeff on their ride, as well as view their progress across the country through pictures and blog posts. On September 18th St. Vincent’s will host a bike ride through Oz Park to celebrate the start of their 3,000 mile adventure across America.

We invite to check back early and often to find updates about their extraordinary adventure and their fundraising efforts. We will have regular updates from Jeff and Bill, as well as stories about the classroom projects tied to the Bike Ride Somewhere Out of the Country.

If you would like more information about their journey and to read their blog, please click here.

If you would like to make a donation, please click here.

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