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New Logo

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This year marks the unveiling of a new logo for St. Vincent de Paul Center and Marillac Social Center. Throughout the decades, both Centers have responded to the needs of the community they serve by expanding their services and facilities. With this in mind, the Centers began to collaborate in 2003 in order to operate more efficiently without adversely affecting programs and the clients they serve. In order for both organizations to create a sustainable future, St. Vincent’s and Marillac continue on the path toward a strategic collaboration, tightening the level of partnership between the two organizations. Each Center will retain their individual name, but together the Centers will now be referred to as Marillac St. Vincent Family Services.

We have collaborated with Ciulla Associates to develop a new common name and visual identity for our organization. The new identity looks toward the future of both Centers, with a clear consideration of the past. Our goal is to establish a unified presence to provide consistent messaging to all of our friends and clients. The new logo is bright and uplifting, and it evokes a feeling of optimism and hope. It will begin to appear in various materials over the next year. We are grateful for Ciulla Associates’ creativity, generosity, time and resources to guide us through this process.

  •           Marillac St. Vincent Family Services
              Mailing Address: P.O. Box 14699 Chicago, IL 60614
  •           Marillac Social Center               773.722.7440           212 S. Francisco Ave. Chicago, IL 60612   
              St. Vincent de Paul Center        312.943.6776           2145 N. Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60614   
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