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If I had 100 dollars

What would you do if you had 100 dollars? 

One young girl, Mia Fusco, said that she would donate it to St. Vincent de Paul Center. Read more about this young lady and her efforts to raise money for St. Vincent's.


(Pictured above: Mia Fusco and Abby Knebelkamp)

On June 25, 2012, two young ladies, Mia Fusco and Abby Knebelkamp, visited St. Vincent de Paul Center to make a very special delivery. As part of a school project, Mia wrote a letter describing what she would do with 100 dollars. In her letter, Mia spoke about how she would give her money to her aunt Dorothy Jiganti, a long-time supporter and Board Member at the Center. However, Mia did not just stop there. She made her wishes a reality by gathering donations to give to the children, seniors and homeless St. Vincent's serves. She requested that attendees to her birthday party donate presents and she also went door-to-door collecting items. The result: a truck full of toys, clothes, books, and other items to benefit the clients at St. Vincent's. We are so proud of Mia and thankful for her generosity and her shining example. You can read her letter below in full.

If I had 100 dollars...

If I had 100 dollars what would I do? I would give to my Aunt Dorothy, because she volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul Center which is a place for children, adults and seniors. They have a great program for kids they go there when parents can't aford child care or when they are working or getting an education. St. Vincent de Paul also helps adults or parents by taking care of their children and giving them warm meals and clothing. St. Vincent de Paul has a lovely center for seniors. Seniors can go to have a meal or to have friendly people to talk to. My Aunt Dorothy would use the money for books for the kids, meals for the homeless, and clothes for everyone. The best thing my Aunt Dorothy does is donates her time and love to everyone. St. Vincent de Paul is a great free place for people who need help and who want to help. 100 dollars well spent!


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