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ABC 7 Story on Marillac Social Center

Children often follow in their parents' footsteps, but two siblings not only took on their mother's job, but also her spirit.

Project Hope teaches teenage mothers parenting skills and offers social support.

"Project Hope was started by my mom. She came here as a volunteer," said Deanna Hallagan, director, youth programs, Marillac Social Center. "One of the areas of need she saw was the teen moms needed their own program."

Thus begins the piece from ABC 7 News about Kay Hallagan and her legacy at Marillac House. It focuses on the legacy of Kay Hallagan who founded Project Hope 30 years ago, and Hope Junior shortly thereafter.  Maureen Hallagan and Deanna Hallagan, Kay’s daughters, are featured in the segment and speak compellingly about the influence their mother has had and continues to have on them.  Click here to read the story and view the video.

Marillac Social Center will be honoring Kay Hallagan at the Beacon of Hope fundraiser on April 29.  She will receive the Louise de Marillac Award. 

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