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Impact & Outcomes

Statistics of Marillac's Senior Services Programs

During the 2012-2013 year:

  • 85 home-bound seniors were served 85 with another 80 Take Charge members.
  • 34 seniors received intensive case management services.
  • There were 1,025 phone contacts to seniors.
  • 610 food bags were delivered.
  • 512 hot meals were delivered to home-bound seniors.
  • 532 home visits were provided to home-bound seniors.
  • 5 senior porches were painted by Hope Junior teens.
  • 62 seniors received podiatry services.
  • 72 seniors participated in health fair.
  • 95% attendance for 9 sessions of Take Charge. 90% of Take Charge seniors participated in 4 summer field trips.

Marillac’s senior services is dedicated to the holistic approach. There was specific focus on the following 3 areas

  • Spiritual Direction
  • Food program-to provide healthier life style for seniors
  • Isolation

      All of the above services are offered so that seniors can continue to live in their home for as long as possible and not become part of the at-risk senior population.


  •           Marillac St. Vincent Family Services
              Mailing Address: P.O. Box 14699 Chicago, IL 60614
  •           Marillac Social Center               773.722.7440           212 S. Francisco Ave. Chicago, IL 60612   
              St. Vincent de Paul Center        312.943.6776           2145 N. Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60614   
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