Strengthen, empower and give voice

Strengthen, empower and give voice

The Mission

Marillac St. Vincent Family Services strengthens, empowers and gives voice to those in need – in the Vincentian spirit of service – through education and comprehensive programs to build vibrant communities in Chicago.

The Vision

Ending the cycle of poverty Our Core Values

Our Core Values

We commit ourselves as individuals to live out these core values in our daily work, as we serve the needs of others.

  • Integrity

    Act with transparency, humility, and honesty

  • Excellence

    Provide quality care with compassion.

  • Creativity

    Be continuously resourceful and inventive.

  • Advocacy

    Support the cause of those who lack resources for a reasonable quality of life.

  • Respect

    Recognize our own value and uphold the dignity and value of all people.

  • Empowerment

    Provide skills and resources to help people achieve full human development.