Date: April 24-28, 2017

Time: 7 AM - 6 PM

St. Vincent de Paul Center, 2145 N. Halsted St & Marillac Social Center, 212 S. Francisco

Week of the Young child

The Week of the Young Child™ is an annual celebration hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) celebrating early learning, young children, their teachers and families.

Each day, our Birth to Three and Pre-k classrooms will have a different area of focus and we encourage families to participate in anyway they can. Here is a breakdown of our very exciting plans:

Music Monday: music & movement

  • PreK will be making musical instruments in their classrooms Monday. They are currently looking for a performer for the morning. In the past Oba Williams has performed and we have some backup performers if we can’t get him.
  • Birth to Three will be doing a performance at 10:30 where the teachers perform for the children in the lobby downstairs. They are going to do “Pete the Cat” which is a favorite story that also has a song. In the afternoon they will also be making instruments
  • Classrooms will also do their own individual things with playing music throughout the day, having dance time, and reading books during story time that relate to music and movement

Tasty Tuesday: healthy food & exercise

  • PreK rooms will do food experiences in the afternoon and will be doing Yoga in the gross motor room (offered by Dana and Barbara), and Line Dancing in the Gym (offered by Tony & Brittany) in the morning.
  • Birth to Three rooms will do health food experiences in the afternoon and are working on a rotating exercise idea inspired by Ms. Marquita’s previous mission project – details TBD
  • Classrooms will also have story time related to healthy choices, food, nutrition, or movement

Work Together Wednesday: building structures, working together, learning together

  • PreK is thinking about how they can build something all together. We may used recycled items, boxes, or things in the room. Details TBD. PreK is also thinking about doing rotating activities where each room has an activity and the rooms rotate around throughout the morning.
  • Birth to Three is thinking about how they could build something with boxes within the rooms or all together – Details TBD. Individual classrooms will be working on group Classrooms will have story time related to working together, friendship, buildings, etc

Artsy Thursday: art, expression, and sensory inputs

  • PreK will have all rooms doing classroom art and will put up art all over the walls of the hallway for an “art walk” available to parents in the afternoon. In the afternoon they will also have guided painting (like Bottle & Botega) available as a parent-child activity on the landing of the 2nd floor as parents pick up.
  • Birth to Three will do a rotating sensory and art room activities where each room on each section has a sensory or authentic art activity and the children move with their teachers through the rooms. They will also hang art from previous weeks all over the hallway walls to have an “art walk” on the 1st floor.
  • Birth to Three will start their Friday family activity Thursday night to try to catch all the parents

Family Friday: families & family stories

  • PreK will do a Breakfast Burrito Buffet for parents on the 2nd floor landing during morning drop off. In the afternoon they are planning a family- child event in 351 but have not decided yet whether it will be a family fashion show, or something else.
  • Birth to Three will do “Show and Tell” in the morning in classrooms that are verbal enough where children bring in pictures of family and stories about who makes up their family. Each room will try to get a parent to volunteer to come in and read for story time in the afternoon, and during pickup they will be doing a Family-Child Quilt activity where each child makes a square using pictures of their family, or art supplies or both to decorate the square. We are looking into how to display the entire quilt once we have squares back from all the families.

For more information about Week of the Young Child, email and someone from our Early Childhood Education program will get back to you soon.